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What the CMBA have done this far!


We installed a brand new map at our entrance to help guide visitors around the chimney fencing. While we know that some visitors might stroll right passed it, we have noticed that it's used more often than ignored :) This signage will be updated once the chimney is repaired!


The CMBA hosted our first networking event for the year with our Long Table, Short Lunch. Cathy showed us her belly dancing moves and Advieh supplied the most scrumptious and filling feast! We also welcomed Rachel Theodorakis onto the CBMA committee!


The women of the CMBA attended the International Women's Day lunch co-hosted by the Maribyrnong Council and Hobson's Bay council. We heard from co-founder of Eloments Vitamins Tea, Julie Hirsch as well as Jules Brooke!


April saw our second event of the year, Autumn Sundowner. The event was held at Emma Rosen's studio, The Dining Studio. Emma impressed everyone with her culinary talents whilst Stumpys Bunches threw together some Autumn florals to top the night off.


May saw the exit of our treasurer, Angela Bourke and the welcome of Rachel Theodorakis in her place. Angela is a wealth of knowledge but like all intelligent women, she's in high demand!


Our best event to date, our Pop Up Art Show! A fabulous turnout from the community, we showcased local and internal Cotton Mills artists. The event was held at Glow Studios and it was a fabulous example of how versatile these warehouse spaces can be! This is the first instalment of many more arts-centred events that the CMBA will be hosting, putting a focus back on the creativity that is coming out of these walls!

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